Updates on dev.to clone in Angular - Sept 10

Help me improve these updates by giving suggestions.

Github Repo - https://github.com/ajitsinghkaler/devto-clone

Deployed on Firebase - https://dev-toclone.firebaseapp.com/

Last week I did some research on how to implement login or signup in the clone but was to no avail the Oauth2 is still in private alpha. Then I tried keys with local storage too which did not work because the API does not allow you to make calls with the api_key header its allows in postman but nit in the browser. If it was allowed I would have saved the key in local storage and delete it on sign out but with that out of the window only a few things are left in this project

Adding tests
Tags Page

After understanding that I will not be able to add any post features to the app I was bit dejected that is why I did not post any updates last week.

Now to what I did this week I added a user details page and the top dropdown that is in the header. To implement the user details page was fairly simple as the api does not give much  details of the the user and does not even allow me signin. So I built a fairly simple webpage. There was only thing we have the article component in the home module and we needed it in the user module too so to separate them I used a module for one component ie SCAM. You can check it here

Most of the stuff in my dev.to clone is finished. Next time I'll add tags and do finalization.


  1. Things left to do


  1. Header Dropdown
  2. User details page added

We can only learn new things on this so suggest some cool new experiments that you want me to do on this repo.